Q. What is the lead time for custom boards?

From time of order we are typically 2-3 weeks from time of order.  we pride ourselves on getting boards done for customers who have waited for the last possible minute to order.  There are times that we are absolutely able to accommodate for those situations. So please ask.

Q. Are your boards weatherproof?

We do not recommend leaving your boards outside in the elements for extended period of times.  They are protected with several coats of polyurethane, but are not weatherproof.  The boards are made from cabinet grade birch plywood.  I would also advise against leaving your kitchen cabinets outside in the rain.  

Q. Do you ship?

Yes we do ship.  However, whenever possible I do recommend picking boards up from our shop.  Shipping can be pre purchased at time of order directly from our website at time of checkout or you may contact us and order boards directly from us and payments for boards and shipping can be broken up into 2 payments via venmo or invoice.

Q. What happens if I have not picked up my boards?

I am able to store boards until you are ready to pick up your boards,  However, I cannot be responsible for boards that are left for over 30 days from when they have been completed.